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25 Factors That Impact Your Home Value

Beautiful home

Most people understand that cosmetic changes can add value to a home. But there are some other issues that are going to immediately discourage buyers from bidding on your home. Read on to learn what the 25 factors that impact your home value are (and what to do about them!). Things You Can’t Change (but […]

9 Questions You Should Ask a Realtor Before You Sign

Introduction Home sellers are becoming more switched on than ever before. However, choosing a real estate agent can still be challenging given that in the last census, real estate topped the labour force together with finance and insurance in Markham. There are a lot of agents to choose from and as in most areas of […]

Moving to Markham – The Ultimate Guide

Moving to Markham

Why moving to Markham is a great idea! If you are moving to Markham, this guide tells you all you need to know about the neighbourhoods, population, demographics, weather, Markham City Council, jobs, restaurants, schools, Markham Library, the hospital and healthcare, parks and recreation, the fairgrounds, utilities and service, real estate and commuting from downtown. […]