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Markham Elementary Schools Ranking List

Introduction If you are looking for an elementary school in Markham, this Markham Elementary Schools Ranking List article will help you find out how the schools you are interested in rank against other schools in Ontario. We know that choosing a school can be stressful. You want to make sure the school you choose is […]

Markham Secondary Schools Ranking List

Introduction Find the Schools Near You Your choice of public school is determined by where you live. Each school has a catchment area. Some areas have more than one school to choose from. To determine which schools you can choose from – go to the Markham School Map, zoom into your area or the area […]

Markham Schools Complete List A-Z

There are some great schools in Markham. However, finding the right school for your child may be a little challenging. Therefore, we have some information for you that may help. Below you will find a Markham schools complete list that will make it far easier for you to do that. For some communities, there may […]

Map of Schools in Markham

Map of Schools in Markham Introduction Welcome to this map of schools in Markham – a great way to find the schools in your area – or in the area you are considering if you are moving to Markham.  This map pinpoints every elementary and secondary school in Markham. How to Use the Map This […]

Schools in Markham – a Complete Guide

Introduction to Schools in Markham Education is such an important part of your child’s life! Many schools in Markham offer different philosophies of guidance, teaching styles and are very diverse in the amenities they offer. Therefore, many parents find choosing the right school an overwhelming challenge. If you are already living in Markham and need […]