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Front Door Colours That Help Sell Your Home for More

One of the top things you can do to spruce up your home before you sell is to give your front door a new coat of paint! A 2022 survey from Zillow  found that buyers are very sensitive to the colour of the front door and that certain colours can increase your home’s value up to $6,449! Read on to find out the front door colours that help sell your home for more, and which colours will reduce the value of your home. 

Black - Top colour for the highest payout

The survey found that a black front door brought the highest offer price. On average, the prospective buyers said they would pay $6,449 more for a home that had this colour door. This is a classic, statement making colour that gives a home clean lines and an air of sophistication. 

Slate Blue - Best overall colour

This contemporary blue-gray is a calming attractive colour that wins buyers over. So much so that according to the survey, they are willing to pay up to $1,537 more for a front door in this hue.

Pink - The lowest payout

Pink is a great colour but it seems for prospective buyers it is the most off putting colour for a front door. Described as ‘kind of shabby looking’, this colour could depreciate your home by $6,516 less! 

Cement Grey - The lowest overall

Cement gray front doors received the lowest overall score. This color fell flat with the lowest purchase intention, and on average, actual and prospective buyers would offer $1,236 less for a home with such a door. Though cement gray is not as polarizing as some colors, the majority of those surveyed agreed they’d show this color the door.

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