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Home Design Trends of 2023 & Why They Matter

Over the last several years, we’ve learned that home can be whatever you make of it. Interior design is becoming more functional, more personal, and more intentional than ever before. This year, there are several major trends bound to stay. Scroll down to find out what the home design trends of 2023 are!

Dark Academia

Dark Academia Home Design Trends 2023

Cozy, sophisticated, and intellectual, the Dark Academia style is a rising trend that’s here to stay. This design style includes dark-toned wood, velvety upholstered furniture, gothic decor, deep hues, and lofty bookshelves containing leather volumes for both work and pleasure.

Nostalgic Sentiment

Nostalgic home furnishings Home Design Trends 2023

What was once laughed at as gross wallpaper from the 70s and 80s is now all the rage in bathrooms and living spaces. Nostalgic design allows homeowners to bring back their fondest, most expressive home elements while staying in the realm of environmental responsibility. Funky textures, vintage textures, quirky lighting, and upcycled furniture are at the forefront.

Soft Modern Spaces

Soft modern space Home Design Trends 2023

Modern design is still in, but with a softer, gentler appeal. Instead of striking architecture and at lines, rounded shapes and arched doorways present a more inviting space. Ergonomic furniture and organic curves also emerge as a top interest in minimalism.

Handmade Imperfections

RF Artisan Market Markham

Local, artisan, and secondhand will replace brand-new imported decor this year. For many, supporting the artists and craftsmen in the community is a top priority when creating a beautiful home. Raw, imperfect, and eclectic styles are versatile, lending meaningful comfort to any home. To find artisan home decor ideas in Markham you could visit Redefined Finds Artisan Market on Main Street!

Eco-Conscious Elements

Eco concious room Home Design Trends 2023

From small household fixtures to large furniture, natural materials will be highly sought after this year. Examples include wooden tables, decorative houseplants, clay furnishings, thrift objects, and comforting artwork made from natural dyes.

Accent Walls

Textured wallpaper, eye-catching wood, and vibrant hues create great accent walls that make spaces feel intimate and charming. Accent walls are best adorned in areas that people see when walking into a room, such as replaces, living rooms, and bedroom walls.

Bold Hues

Home Design Trends 2023

From art deco to loud wallpaper to dramatic paint colors, boldness is a lasting trend this year. Black noir, dark purple, emerald green, and energetic palettes make for extra expressive space. Also, expect dark kitchens, deep accent furniture, and unexpected shades of colour.

Tinted Pastels

Pastels and tinted neutrals will replace white and beige this year, making lighter spaces more versatile and nuanced. Move over, gray— people want lived-in, unique colors that promote vibrancy and individualism.

Balance & Ease

While cottage-core and bohemian styles were “in” during 2021-2022, homeowners now want more practical ease and less escapism. Thanks to TikTok and Marie Kondo, home organization is also a priority as people seek to bring order into the household to combat life’s inevitable chaos.

Making A Statement

Home Design Trends 2023

Many personal factors such as values, personal beliefs, ethics, and ideals take precedence in today’s home design process. Homeowners want to make a statement that says, “this is me” and “this is what I stand for.” From wall art to silverware brand selection, personal details play a part.

Lifestyle Adaptability

Home Design Trends 2023

Change is a constant, which is why many homeowners value interior spaces that can adapt without vigorous renovations. Multi-purpose spaces, convertible furniture, and tear-away decor are all trends that are taking shape in 2023 and beyond. Social media gives homeowners unique ideas such as library closets, dining room offices, and family game/guest rooms.

Home Design Trends 2023

So...Why Do Home Trends Matter?

Home Design Trends 2023

In my opinion, home design trends don’t have to matter too much! Everyone has their own tastes – and you don’t want to be a slave to constantly changing trends! However, they can give you great ideas on home improvement and over time you can use trends to help you make decisions on what you like and what you don’t like. Trends help you to truly make your home work for the way that you live and to develop a style that is absolutely your own.