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Map of Schools in Markham

Map of Schools in Markham Introduction

Welcome to this map of schools in Markham – a great way to find the schools in your area – or in the area you are considering if you are moving to Markham.  This map pinpoints every elementary and secondary school in Markham.

How to Use the Map

This map of schools in Markham works just like Google Maps. You can zoom in and out and move it around just like Google Maps.

There is a drop-down box on the top left of the map to enable sorting if you only want to see elementary schools or just secondary schools.

When you have found an area that interests you, you can click on the pins and see the name of each school, the school address, a photo of the school, and a link to the school website.

I've Found My Schools - Now What?

More information about each school can be found on our A-Z list and our elementary and secondary schools rankings lists. When you have your shortlist of schools – come over and get some further information to help you make your choice.

Adil Esmail

Adil Esmail

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